Let The "Trend Be Your Friend"

Jan 31, 2019 0 Comments
Let The "Trend Be Your Friend"

Let The "Trend Be Your Friend"

This old phrase has been around as long as time. Like all old phrases it keeps coming back into our lives. Why? Because like all old phrases they are spoken with perils of "Wisdom" laid throughout their message for those "Wise" enough to find them.

It would surprise no one if we said the stock market will be volatile today. Why? Because when it happens daily, month, after month, for months it becomes the "New Normal". What's this new normal? It's a Trend.

In this message today you are going to find two trends. They are important to recognize and understand. Why? Because for as long as there has been a Stock Market, these two trends have had an inverse relationship with one another. Those that are wise enough to see this make money. Those that do not continually worry about their retirement and if they will out live their savings.Precious Metals Chart Confirming the New Trend

Stocks vs Precious Metals

The Black Line is the DJIA Daily Moving Average - Month over month since last year 2018, continuing into this year 2019 - Trend.

The Green Line is Gold - Up

The Tan Line is Silver - Up

The Chart above this one is Collectible Coins - Up

PCGS Gold Price 2009 - 2011 Chart

Silver Prices during the last Bull Market in Precious Metals (2009 - 2011)

Selling equities now while they are still reasonably at a High-Level will ensure you bank (save) your gains in the Stock Market. Moving into cash only makes for common sense at this point.

Allowing the Trend to be your Friend.

Continuing on along with this theme "Allowing The Trend to be Your Friend" .

Moving into Precious Metals - Bullion or Collectibles - also makes for common sense at this point.

Let The Trend Be Your Friend