Sell In May & Go Away?

May 11, 2019 0 Comments
Sell In May & Go Away?


 This Weeks Stock Chart For May 2019




ALL - TIME - HIGH... 26,828.39 (October 2018) 

CURRENT - LEVEL…. 25,942.37 (May 10,  2019)

DOWN... 886.02 – 3.30%

Sell in May & Go Away!

Empirical Data has proven the six summer months, typically lag the six winter months by 1.5%. The only distortion came after QE1, QE2 and QE3. Now that the Fed pulled QE its business as usual. Combine that with some of the greatest recessions starting after the posting of 3rd. quarter earnings. Many investors enjoy the summer by taking their Risk-off  the table and placing their money in Safe-Haven investments. In the past they moved into Bonds. However since Gold has clearly out performed Bonds annually year-in and year-out over the last 10 years (decade) more Investors and Central Banks are choosing gold over bonds-Today.



BOTTOMED...$1,178.40 (August 2018)

CURRENT - LEVEL.. $1,286.80 (May 10,  2019)

UP... 108.40 – 9.20%



BOTTOMED...$13.97 (November 2018)

CURRENT - LEVEL..$14.84 (May 10,  2019)

UP....87 – 6.23%

 Royal Canadian Mint .9999 1oz Gold Bar