Brett Edgell Monetary SpecialistI am a monetary specialist with over 30 years of experience managing portfolios for accredited investors. My goal is to understand and support the financial health and overall well-being of each and every client by protecting, preserving and building their portfolios.

My promise to clients

I’ve always loved investing. I also believe that if you’re going to go to work every day it’s good to love what you do — for me that means finding the best ways for my investors to preserve, protect, and profit from the investments I manage for them and their families. Doing that well requires me to know and understand my clients as people first, in order to foster relationships built on partnership and trust. My goal with every client is to create a relationship that will last a lifetime — because even more than the numbers, it’s the relationships that matter, and the relationships that compel me to help my clients succeed and grow.  

Disclaimer: We are international gold brokers and, rare coin dealers that specialize in U.S. precious metal coins. Brett Edgell, Inc-ENI are not investment advisors. Our expertise is as a Monetary Specialist, Rare Coins, Sound Money-Experts!