Creating wealth has always been important. It has now become more important to focus on protection. You need to protect not just the value but also the ownership of your wealth.

We believe precious metals are a solid asset in an unsure, turbulent world. The links below will illustrate an inverse relationship between precious metals and paper assets such as stocks, bonds and paper currencies. The conditions of the Lehman Brothers 2008 banking crisis have not been resolved. We believe that the inevitable monetary reset will conclude with the dramatic adjustment in fair market silver & gold values (Silver & Gold charts are adjusted for inflation), as furnished by Federal Reserve and the U.S.G.S.D. (Dollar to Gold & Dollar to Silver Ratio's)

The Egyptian Empire, Roman Empire, British Empire all started with sound money (gold & silver) and after years of debasing their currency to zero, people lost confidence and a new currency replaced the old one. Each time returning to sound money and the value of the new currency that emerged to replace the old one was determined by taking the base currency that was created and issued into circulation, divided by the amount of precious metals available. Hence the new price/value for gold & silver and the basis for the new currency. American Imperialism started exactly the same way and will end exactly the same way. All of the worlds most powerful institutions and leaders of these institutions agree. The benefactors will be the holders and owners of gold & silver.

Congratulations your on the verge of making a very wise addition to your portfolio.

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