50 Coin Morgan Silver Dollar Set

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A Special Offer on the Morgan Silver Dollar Set!

 *Special Financing Available for a Limited Time. Call Brett Edgell for Details.

As millions of collectors know, Morgan Silver Dollars are the largest silver coins circulated throughout the Western US in the late 19th century, where they became an intrinsic part of the old West's culture.


In the form of “Silver Certificates,” US currency was actually backed in full by the value of these alluring coins, also known as “Cartwheels,” due to their large size and spoke-like-reflections.


Over time, as paper money replaced coins in circulation, people forgot about these Morgan Dollars. In fact, while some of them languished in bank vaults, most of the coins were melted down into bars as a provision of the Pittman Act of 1917, whereby over 270 million Morgan Dollars were destroyed.


However, in the 1960’s – as the price of silver rose to well over a dollar an ounce in value – this historic series was rediscovered by collectors and investors alike. At that time, most dates were still available in original mint rolls of 20-coins, but as the price rose sharply to over $50 per ounce in the late 1970s, demand surged to an all-time high, and the market became electrified. 


Despite the earlier mass melting, it was still possible to assemble a mint roll set of Morgan Dollars during the 1960s of all but the scarcest issues. Today the available quantities of original mint rolls of Morgan Dollars used to trade regularly have ceased to exist, with the vast majority of surviving rolls having been broken apart so the individual coins could be sold by date.


The complete collection of Morgan Dollars is comprised of ninety-eight (98) different date and mintmark coins. In Choice Mint Condition, this full set would realize well over $500,000 in today’s market. 


Since 1974, Eastern Numismatics has worked with countless collectors and investors to complete this challenging and rewarding series. Throughout the coin industry, we are known for helping to assemble some of the finest Morgan Dollar Sets in existence today.


As a result of Eastern Numismatics’ extensive estate buying and private dealer contacts, we have launched a program for assembling complete Morgan Silver Dollar collections. This program's heart is the initial step of acquiring the 50 coins partial set of Morgan Dollars in mint condition.


Most collectors spend years trying to complete even a circulated Morgan Dollar collection. You may even have a friend or relative who is currently working on one. But now, with our program, you have an opportunity to acquire more than half the entire set at once!


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Each of these gorgeous specimens retains much of its original mint luster, and all are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. They rank as some of the finest pieces available anywhere at any price.


As mentioned above, the entire Morgan Dollar series would easily fetch over $500,000, and Today you can get 50 Uncirculated Morgan Dollars in Mint State condition.
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A Special Offer on the Morgan Silver Dollar Set! 

*Special Financing Available for a Limited Time.  Call Brett Edgell for Details.
Start your collection with the first 50 Morgans, and we will include a FREE Deluxe Dansco Album with your order. Only...$7795  Discounted 20% Off the Regular Price, FREE Display Album, and FREE Shipping!

We reserve the right to cancel this deal due to changes in the market.

View PCGS coin stats/facts and Price History for each coin in the set by clicking on the coin below.

1878-7TF, 1878-S, 79, 79-S, 79-O, 80, 80-S, 80-O, 81, 81-O, 81-S


82, 82-O, 82-S, 83, 83-CC, 83-O, 84, 84-CC, 84-O, 85, 85-O, 86, 87


87-O, 88, 88-O, 89, 90, 90-O, 90-S, 91, 91-S, 96, 97, 97-S, 98, 98-O


99-O, 1900, 1900-O, 01-O, 02, 02-O, 03, 04, 04-O, 21, 21-D, 21-S

  *Special Financing Available for a Limited Time.  Call Brett Edgell for Details.

All date selection is by ENI, and we can not make any substitutions or requests. Special Dates may be selected individually from the available Morgan Dollar inventory.

All items are shipped within 3 – 5 business days after receipt of payment unless otherwise stated at the time of purchase. Sets may require an additional 2 – 3 days for assembly and completion.We ship via US Postal Service: First Class Mail, Priority Mail and Express Mail services are available.

With the exception of Bullion Items, Eastern Numismatics offers a 30-day unconditional return guarantee covering our Numismatic and Collectible Items. Returned items must be received at ENI within 30-days of their delivery to the client for this guarantee to be in effect. Items must be sent to: ENI, 642 Franklin Avenue, Garden City NY 11530 Attn: Returns.

Let our four decades of honest service and industry networks work for you. Our efforts to improve product quality and service has led us to a diverse and exeptional numismatic inventory in order to meet the challenges of today’s rare coin market and the needs of our clients. We have been servicing investors and collectors since 1974 and are members of all major consumer and trade organizations, including the American Numismatic Association, the Better Business Bureau, the Professional Numismatists Guild. At Eastern Numismatics we are ready to work for you and help turn your rare coin investment into gold. Call today and speak with one of our qualified ENI coin consultants. They will help you select the best quality rare coins and precious metals for your hard earned money.

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